Creative Advisor Application
The American Constitution is conducting a nationwide call for teachers to contribute their expertise and classroom perspective to improve the educational and entertainment elements of the film. The production team is collaborating with teachers and others during film production instead of treating education as an afterthought. The anticipated release of the project’s feature film is 2022.
Participating teachers will receive recognition as Creative Advisors in the film credits as well as small stipends during their consulting.
Interested educators simply need to submit the following preliminary application and will be contacted with further information.
If you are not a teacher but are interested in participating in this initiative to contribute feedback as a volunteer, please apply below.
Upon acceptance into the program, Creative Advisors can expect to receive occasional email notifications including:
• Links to videos
• Brief questionnaires about each video
• A deadline when your response is needed
Creative Advisors will be paid a small stipend per video. Payments will be based on the anticipated time needed to watch the videos and respond with comments.
Educators always have the option not to respond or provide feedback when they are unavailable to do so. In addition, teachers may be asked to participate in online chats with the filmmakers—again, always optional and paid based on commitment of time.

The production team seeks educators who teach: 
• US history, government, civics or law
• Middle school, junior high, high school, college, graduate school, law school or continuing education.
Ideally, our Creative Advisors: 
• Enjoy watching historical documentaries
• Appreciate the opportunity to impact millions of viewers (youth and adult) with a better understanding of US history and government
• Must have the ability to watch unfinished scenes without being distracted by unfinished elements in each video
• Have the ability to make substantive comments to help the filmmakers improve the work
Learn more about the funding of this initiative and contribute on our support page
Thank you!
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