Production Company: David Garrigus Productions
Producer/Director: David Garrigus
Screenplay by David Garrigus, James Madison, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, George Mason, and Mercy Otis Warren
Location: Studio, Wilmington, NC
Shoot dates flexible and available now.
Filmmaker David Garrigus has been making award-winning documentary and educational films for 30 years. Most notably is his historical feature-film KITTY HAWK, with Neil Armstrong and John Glenn.
PRODUCER NOTES: Our nation is in distress and one undeniable path to help protect its future is to embolden the next several generations of voters with a deeper understanding of the Constitution’s meaning. To focus attention on this critical mission of civics education, we are seeking an ensemble cast of trained actors in our six greatest-of-Framers roles. This film will be provided free to middle and secondary students throughout America—ideal distance learning needed now for teens at home during a pandemic. This project is working with non-profit, nonpartisan civic organizations and is fully funded. 
This film features some of the most important words spoken by some of America’s greatest Founders. All lines spoken by actors are the Framers’ actual words that helped create the Constitution.
Flexible and immediate scheduling available. Actors will be filmed individually on green screen in studio in Wilmington, NC. Our small crew is well-versed in the highest safe-filming practices and adheres to COVID-19 safety guidelines for ultra small-scale productions.
CASTING NOTES: Pay scale commensurate with experience. Includes travel expenses.
[JAMES MADISON] male Caucasian, 34, 4 days, Virginia politician and primary architect of the Constitution. Persistent, pragmatic, and diligent. Though soft-spoken and unobtrusive in social situations, Madison possessed brilliant political instincts and abilities well beyond his years. He was not outspoken in large groups. “His form, features, and manner were not commanding, few men possessed so rich a flow of language.” Madison was a worrier. He often suffered from a painful condition he described as “bilious.” In 1789, Fisher Ames described Madison: “He is a studious man, devoted to public business, and a thorough master of almost every public question that can arise, or he will spare no pains to become so…”
[GEORGE WASHINGTON] male Caucasian,  54, 3 days, The indispensable American. Virginia planter and retired general. At 6 feet 1 inch tall, he towered over most men. He was the most famous and respected gentleman in the country. With purpose and caution, he protected his image as the cherished hero of the revolution—unruffled, polished, and charismatic. He was not known as a great orator but was considered to be a great dancer and legendary horseman.
[ALEXANDER HAMILTON] male Caucasian, 33, 2 days, One of the most influential framers and proponents of the Constitution. Self-made, prominent lawyer of New York. Hamilton was a wizard at overcoming setbacks. He possessed a great talent for creativity and self expression. Emotional and vulnerable, he was generous to a fault, but sometimes withdrew into a cloud of silence. His friends called him the “Little Lion” because of his mastery of intellectual debate.
[GEORGE MASON] male Caucasian, 60, 2 days, Wealthy Virginia planter and Washington’s neighbor. Famous for drafting Virginia’s Declaration of Rights. Mason enjoyed being at home and didn’t want to be bothered with politics. But at the Convention, Mason was one of the most outspoken delegates. Although he was a slaveholder, he vehemently opposed the slave trade. Never absent, he exerted great influence during the Convention, but during the last two weeks, he became disillusioned and a leader of the opposition. 
[MERCY OTIS WARREN] female Caucasian, 59, 1/2 day, Historian and insightful political writer who emerged hundreds of years before her time. A brilliant and groundbreaking person of any era. A keen judge of politics and outspoken critic. Warren corresponded with and advised many political leaders of the era. She wrote from her Plymouth, Massachusetts home.
[BENJAMIN FRANKLIN] male Caucasian, 81, 1/2 day, Legendary writer, printer, philosopher, politician, scientist, inventor, humorist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. Charming, naturally sociable, and witty, Franklin drew admirers wherever he went. Strategic and Persuasive, Franklin was the essential glue who expertly steered the clashing delegates to common ground, somehow overcoming "all their prejudices, their passions, their errors of opinion, their local interests and their selfish views." This is an opportunity for a legendary 75+ actor to be known for yet another historic performance. What a priceless gift to the world it will be to have the great words of Franklin at 81 immortalized by a famed actor for all time.
STORY LINE: The Constitutional Convention could easily have been a failure, with the risk of collapse always present. The dramatic conflict that took place in Philadelphia in 1787 is one of America’s greatest untold stories on any screen. The U.S. Constitution’s origin story is brought to life by distinguished actor portrayals of the Framers’ own words with insightful commentary from leading scholars. Over the summer of 1787, these five key Framers struggled against overwhelming odds to save their fledgling country from ruin. In addition to the spirited floor debates, our characters reveal to the audience their inner thoughts and motivations through asides-to-camera—heartfelt soliloquies gleaned from their personal letters and diaries.
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