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Our constitutional system of government is only protected by an informed citizenry. The citizens who stormed the Capitol on January 6th would not have done so if they had understood of how our government works as described in the Constitution. 
The most recent Annenberg Civics Knowledge Survey found that half of Americans surveyed could not name the three branches of government. Please help. 
Your donation will support this project AND simultaneously assist teachers. Throughout our filmmaking process, we are engaging with teachers who provide us feedback to help make this film better and more appealing for all audiences. Unfortunately, most teachers are underpaid and overworked. Your donation will directly support this initiative and teachers.
"We are very excited to have educators involved in our filmmaking process," added Director David Garrigus. "They have a special calling. And I love the idea that people can support this film project knowing that their money is making this critical connection with teachers possible."
We offer an array of thank you gifts for your donation. Gift levels include everything listed in the previous levels. 
• Shout out on social media thanking you for your important contribution. 
• Plus, get first look behind the scenes and exclusive sneak peeks.
• Always have the Constitution with you here.
• Your face as a Founder on US currency “It’s a blast to share with friends!”
• Exclusive digital downloads of prized historical documents and other originals. 
• Backstage opportunities to see many of the film’s scenes first. Share your views. 
• "Special Thanks" in the film’s screen credits.
• Adopt a School—Name a school that you wish to be one of the first to receive our free Educational Curriculum created from this project’s vast array of film footage and materials.
• Stream + download anytime David’s first historical feature film - KITTY HAWK with Neil Armstrong and John Glenn ($24.98 value)
• Invitation to be filmed as extra in the film, travel not included. 
• 18th-century prop from the film including authentication by the Director.
• Stream + download access to the entire David Garrigus Production on-demand catalog of films.
• Invitation plus one to one premiere event.
• Highest-level "Special Thanks" screen credit.
• Invitation, plus one, to all premiere events. 
• More VIP benefits to be announced as the film's exciting rollout develops.
• Executive Producer screen credit.
One of the civic education organizations that this project is working with to bring a better understanding of the US Constitution to students is The Center for Civic Education.
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