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Casting Director Jen Ingulli, CSA Joins Historical Documentary The American Constitution
Production on Feature Film Addressing Civics Illiteracy Entering Final Phase

WILMINGTON, N.C. -- David Garrigus, the award-winning filmmaker behind the critically-acclaimed Kitty Hawk: The Wright Brother's Journey of Invention—featuring Neil Armstrong and John Glenn as the voices of Orville and Wilbur— is pleased to announce that professional casting director Jen Ingulli, CSA has joined the historical documentary The American Constitution (
The independently-produced film captures the drama and conflicts of Washington, Madison, and Hamilton in their struggle to save their fledgling United States from ruin—a presentation that addresses many of Constitutional controversies that now lead almost every news cycle. 
“I am thrilled to be a part of this compelling and timely film. Bringing actors on board who can increase the popular cultural reach of this documentary will be key in sharing its message—a better understanding of the Constitution—with a much wider audience,” Ingulli said.
A proud member of The Casting Society of America (CSA), Ingulli has spent most of her professional years in the Southeast working on many great TV and film projects including The Walking Dead, Homeland, Halt and Catch Fire, TURN: Washington's Spies, Queen of the South, The Passage and Homeland.
The American Constitution tells the story of the U.S. Constitution's creation—a gripping tale told through the actual words of the founders performed by consummate actors, with many of the world’s leading scholars and historians providing compelling commentary. The film comes on the heels of Garrigus’ Kitty Hawk: The Wright Brother's Journey of Invention which premiered PBS and internationally during the 100th anniversary of flight. Kitty Hawk has reached nearly 10 million viewers. It won Best Documentary at the International Family Film Festival.  
Set to premiere in 2020, The American Constitution is concurrently filming and in post-production. With 18 speaking roles remaining to be filled for the expansive costume drama/documentary out of a large cast of 41, the production continues to sign partners for the project over the coming year. Interested individuals, actors, corporations, educational institutions, and organizations wishing to participate or learn more can visit the film’s website

About The American Constitution
The American Constitution historical documentary and education initiative is an independent entertainment property designed as a powerful part of the solution to the public’s lack of fundamental understanding of U.S. Civics. A recent poll found that three out of five Americans cannot name the three branches of government. The U.S. system of elected representation is only protected when its citizens have an appreciation of how the system works. The American Constitution promises to entertain, and thus engage audiences in this essential American story. Set to premier in 2020, the film is currently in production by David Garrigus Productions, winner of Telly Awards, Cindy Awards, and New York Festival’s Gold Medal. For more information visit

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