Virtual Events
1787 the American Constitution is conducting nationwide virtual classroom screening events—engaging students and teachers in the Constitution's 1787 story with sneak peek scenes from our upcoming feature film. At the events, students and teachers are able to direct questions to one of our many leading historians who appear in our film. Starring actors from our movie and the filmmakers are also on the panel to field questions from students and teachers. Our upcoming feature film is part historical documentary, part educational, part 1787 period drama, and all entertainment.
Participating teachers and exceptional students will receive recognition as Creative Advisors in the film credits with future considerations to be announced.
Interested educators simply need to reply with our short form below and will be contacted with further information about upcoming events.
If you are not a teacher but are interested in participating in our events, contribute feedback, or volunteer, please apply below.
These virtual events are most beneficial, inspiring, and engaging for students of: 
• US history, government, civics, or law
• Aspiring filmmakers and those who interested in historical documentaries
• Middle school, high school, college, graduate school, law school, and continuing education.
Feedback from our students and teachers help us make a more engaging film. Your feedback will impact millions of viewers (youth and adult) with a better understanding of US history and government.
Learn more about the funding of this initiative and contribute on our support page.

Thank you!
Justine Crowell - Outreach Manager
Nathan Asken - Support 
Thank you!
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