Director David Garrigus works with actor Sean Guerreo in the production's green screen studio in Wilmington, NC. Guerreo portrays Constitution Framer Abraham Baldwin, one of the 1787 Convention's delegates from Georgia.
An example of how actors, props, set pieces, and digital backgrounds are merged together to recreate the look of the 1787 Constitutional Convention. From left to right appearing are actors Denis Byrd, Richard Garrigus, Hannibal Hills, and William Wesley McHugh.
Second Unit production team Kyra Tweed and Raymond Ermel filmed the exteriors of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA. Our CGI team removed all modern elements and returned the scene to 1787. Separately, we filmed Revolutionary War reenactors on a portable green screen at the Moores Creek National Battlefield, Currie, NC, and merged them into the scene—including shadows. Reenactors from left to right: Christie Cornett, Abbey Parsons, Austin Bennett, Bob Erickson, Sarah Moore, J.J. Byerly, and Matthew Waisner.
2019, Visual Effects Artist Joe James began delivering photorealistic renders of our primary film location where 90% of our narrative takes place—the historic interior of Independence Hall, Philadelphia. The massive image files James created for our film have taken him more than a year to create. James described his task, “The raw model files total 69.81 GB. I had to recreate Independence Hall’s woodwork piece-by-piece. The polygon count for the room was 4.3 million. All of the texture maps were matched to actual colors resourced from detailed photos of the National Park’s room display.”
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